Im fully vaccinated, but am I ready to travel? I'm fully vaccinated and so are most of my family members. Am I ready to get on a plane to see them?
Matt Damon on Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Bennifer rumors: I hope its true As speculation continues over a "Bennifer" reunion, Ben Affleck's longtime bud Matt Damon gave his thoughts on the rumors on the "Today" show.
John Mulaney splits from his wife, returns to the stage: How comedians use comedy to... John Mulaney is back on stage after splitting from his wife of six years and going through rehab recently. Here's how comedians use humor to heal.
Why NBC dropped the Golden Globes for 2022 and Tom Cruise returned his Globes With the diversity problems within the HFPA, NBC said it won't broadcast the Golden Globes in 2022 and Tom Cruise returned his Globes in protest.
See the celebrity wax figures worthy of a double take From Ariana Grande to Nicki Minaj to Beyoncé and the Kardashians, these wax figures will have you doing a double take.
Many of us are allowed to take off our masks: Why some of us dont... The CDC's mask rules are changing. Why some of us aren't ready to take off our masks.
Sub-Zero fury: Joe Taslim explains his Mortal Kombat villains rage and mysterious mask "Mortal Kombat" star Joe Taslim explains the story behind his villain's mask, why he needs it and why it was so hard keeping it on his head.
Why Mortal Kombats ending brings the heat for Johnny Cage and villain Sub-Zero (spoilers!) Action star Johnny Cage didn't go MIA in "Mortal Kombat" after all. Plus, all about Sub-Zero star Joe Taslim's finale breakdown. Spoilers ahead!
Happy 72nd birthday, Billy Joel! His life in pictures Billy Joel has been entertaining fans since the '60s. The "Piano Man" turns 72 on May 9, 2021. His life in pictures.
After losing their moms to COVID-19, some would rather Mothers Day not exist at all More than 250,000 women have died of COVID-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Many of them were mothers.
With many of us now cleared to take off our masks, there are some that... Experts say once people accept the transition back to not wearing masks, it is important to take small steps toward re-integration.
On Mothers Day, heres what your mom actually needs Economic and cultural changes have altered the landscape of motherhood, piling on new pressures and needs. The pandemic added even more.
Ive finally made it this far By the time you're reading this on Saturday, I will have both doses of my COVID-19 vaccine. I can hardly believe it!
How to take back control of your mental and physical health Here are ways to empower yourself to gain control of your health during the fear of the unknown that surrounds us in a pandemic.
Happy Mothers Day! Celebrity moms with their kids, from Beyoncé to JLo When they aren't making movies or performing for thousands, they are just moms. Check out these celebrity mamas with their babies, big and small.
Coldplays outer space premiere, Weezer, Miranda Lambert highlight new music releases Coldplay released its first new music since 2019. "The Marfa Tapes" featuring Miranda Lambert, Weezer and Bebe Rexha highlight New Music Friday.
Bill and Melinda Gates breakup after 27 years has us reeling. Why do we care... Bill and Melinda Gates are ending their marriage after 27 years. Why the news is so difficult to digest.
Duchess Kate: Her style through the years We haven't gotten to see a lot of Duchess Kate during quarantine. While we wait for life to return to normal, look back at her greatest style moments.
Treat your dog with a fun living space: Heres how to make it happen With people spending more time at home, pets may be seeking some room of their own. Create the perfect domain for your dog that enhances your decor.
Looking to spice up your home decor? Dont waste the space under the staircase Designers are finding creative ways to use the space in your place. The nook under your staircase may be perfect for a new home office or powder room.
Hollywood has a sordid history with portrayals of mental illness. Its trying to do better. A conglomerate of major entertainment players are coming together to fix the way Hollywood depicts mental health.
75 adorable pet photos sent by our readers that will brighten your day Our "Staying Apart, Together" newsletter readers have some crazy cute pets. We've rounded them up to help brighten your day. Scroll through to see!
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