Ive picked my word of the year. Whats yours? I'm choosing "wellness" as my theme for 2022. Have you ever made a word of the year? Here's how it works.
Why did TikTok care about West Elm Caleb? What the story says about lovebombing and... Who is West Elm Caleb? He's a 25 year-old New Yorker who works as a designer and went viral on TikTok for dating scores of women. So why do we care?
Stars vocal about their health struggles: Amy Schumer, Nick Cannon, Jenna Jameson Amy Schumer, Tony Bennett, Al Roker, Jeff Bridges and others have embraced speaking about ongoing health issues, encouraging fans to do the same.
Inside the USA TODAY investigation into Jerry Harris as Cheer season 2 makes Netflix debut A fans of 'Cheer' prepare to watch season 2 on Netflix, Jerry Harris remains in custody facing charges of sexual misconduct involving teens.
3 easy exercises to improve gut health These targeted exercises can help with bloating, inflammation and gas.
Friends who kiss on the lips? Platonic kissing is polarizing, but not as uncommon as... As long as both parties agree and set parameters, experts say kissing friends is OK – and the decision remains up to the respective parties alone.
Duchess Kate: Her royal style in photos Whether Duchess Kate is on Zoom or hitting the red carpet, she always has a great fashion sense. We look at her greatest style moments.
Trauma isnt just psychological. It can impact your body too. Trauma isn't just your mental and emotional reaction to an event, it can manifest in your body too. But there are ways to process and release it.
Why its still so hard not to drink Biology, human psychology and powerful cultural forces that dictate who controls and promotes alcohol can make it hard to abstain or cut back.
Remembering Mac Miller: See the hip-hop icons life through the years Mac Miller was born Jan. 19, 1992. To celebrate what would've been his 30th birthday, we're looking back on Miller's all-too-brief music career.
What is slugging, the viral moisturizing hack? Does it work? Struggling with dry, irritated skin this winter? Dermatologists are recommending a new hack called "slugging."
Slugging is a skincare hack that is going viral. What is it and how do... "Slugging" is a skincare trick that helps moisturize dry, patchy skin.
Milan Fashion Week 2022: Jeff Goldblum, Damson Idris, more sport all the best mens looks Menswear designers got their crazy silhouettes on for Milan Fashion Week, and brought out Jeff Goldblum, Damson Idris and Kyle MacLachlan to model.
I wont let my sister-in-law and her four kids stay with us for a few... Am I wrong for not letting my sister-in-law, 26, and her four kids (ages 1 to 8) stay at my house for a few days? I need advice on my family drama.
Celebrities who have been open about mental health struggles Celebrities have mental health challenges too. We've rounded up stars who have opened up about their struggles, from Duchess Meghan to Demi Lovato.
The person I was dating disappeared. How to get over being ghosted. Ghosting, in case you're not familiar, is a term used to describe when an individual cuts off all contact without an explanation.
Jamie Lynn and Britney Spears trade words over new memoir, Things I Should Have Said Britney Spears says she still loves Jamie Lynn 'unconditionally' despite what she claims are lies in her sister's memoir, "Things I Should Have Said."
Which Girl Scout Cookie are you? Take the quiz Thin Mints, Samoas: Which cookie matches your personality? This quiz tells you once and for all.
Non-alcoholic beers: Can they be a healthy option for Dry January and beyond? As wellness interest grows, sales of non-alcoholic beers such as Bud Zero and Heineken 0.0 are up. Are they a healthy option beyond Dry January?
The most intense violation of my life: A beloved camp, a lost boy and the... At least 1 in 6 men have experienced sexual abuse or assault, and the consequences of that abuse can ripple across a lifetime.
How Im prioritizing my health and avoiding procrastination The new year marks new beginnings, and for me, I'm making it a fresh start to staying on top of my health.
Happy birthday, LL Cool J! See photos of the entertainers life, career Happy birthday, LL Cool J! The iconic entertainer is celebrating 54 years as a hip-hop icon, TV and movie actor and show host.
Will Smith, Megan Fox are praising psychedelics. What medical experts want you to know. Megan Fox, Will Smith, and more are talking about their life-changing experiences with psychedelics. Here's what medical experts want you to know.
Uneasy about returning to pre-pandemic life? Here are 100 fun, productive things to do at... Thanks to COVID-19 vaccines, Americans are getting out again, even without masks. But if you're still spending a lot of time at home, we have ideas.
How to talk to your family, friends about racism and white privilege Here's a guide on how to talk to your family about racism and white privilege, amid ongoing protests and conversations about racial injustices.
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